Owner's Booklets

LifeScan is pleased to offer OneTouch ® Blood Glucose Meter Owner's Booklets online. To view PDF files, you must have the latest version of Adobe® Reader®. Once you have downloaded the reader (your browser may already have a built-in reader), link to the Owner's Booklet PDF file of your choice. You will be able to navigate, view and print LifeScan Owner's Booklets.

Customer Information

Further information on these or any other LifeScan blood glucose monitoring system can be obtained by contacting our Customer Care team

OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software v2.3.2 Quick
Reference Guide
(AW06435101C Posted: 07/22/2013)

OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software v2.3.2 User Manual
(AW 06435001C Posted: 07/22/2013)

OneTouch® UltraEasy®

OneTouch UltraEasy Owners Booklet
(AW 06629502A Posted: 04/25/2013 File size: 1895 KB)

OneTouch® Ultra®2

OneTouch Ultra®2 Owners Booklet
(AW 06636005A Posted: 04/2017 File size: 1500 KB)

OneTouch® Select

OneTouch Select Owners Booklet
(AW 06659904A Posted: 05/2017 File size: 3018 KB)

OneTouch Select®Plus

OneTouch Select®Plus Owners Booklet
(AW 06967602B Posted: 19/10/2017 File size: 6.13 MB)

OneTouch® Verio®

OneTouch® Verio® Owners Booklet
(AW 06878501A Posted: 27/05/2015 File size: 2.67 MB)