Health and Safety Policy

Our Aim:

To take all reasonable steps to make the Company a leader in Health and Safety by creating an injury and illness free workplace thus ensuring Legal, Health, Safety & Environmental Management System Manual (HSE01) and Johnson & Johnson Health and Safety Excellence Standards compliance.

To maintain this Health and Safety leadership position we confirm that:

  • Health and Safety is held to be of the highest value and that all accidents, illnesses and injuries are preventable by identifying and controlling risks.
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control represent the foundation of a successful Health and Safety Management System.
  • Our Health and Safety Management System is based on continuous improvement.
  • Health and Safety is everyone's responsibility.
  • The organisation is committed to comply with all applicable Health and Safety legislation, corporate policies and procedures.
  • Health and Safety is among our highest values and a key indicator of organisational excellence.
  • Health and Safety is given equal consideration with all other business functions.
  • Health and Safety training, job training and positive feedback are considered essential tools in the provision of a Safe and Healthy workplace.

This policy shall be communicated to all employees so that they are aware of their individual responsibilities and obligations, and is available to all other stakeholders upon request.