Environmental Policy

Our Philosophy

We consider it an integral practice of our business to continuously explore solutions that successfully balance ecology and economy. We believe that a high standard of environmental performance is not only a social obligation but also critical to the long-term financial success of the company. We believe in principle-centered leadership, and to that end, we foster an environmental ethic among our management, employees and other stakeholders.


We adhere to stringent environmental requirements no matter where in the world we operate. Regulatory compliance is the minimum expectation. We strive to meet and to exceed Johnson & Johnson Environmental Sustainability Practices, and to establish and to maintain environmental management systems in accordance with international standards.

Prevention of Pollution

Environmental stewardship is integrated into our business plans and decisions -including in the design, production, distribution and support of our products and services. Suppliers and customers are encouraged to promote responsible use of our products throughout their life-cycles. We identify and successfully manage our significant environmental aspects, and deploy and promote cost-effective environmental technologies and procedures.

Continuous Improvement

We set goals, and measure our performance. We compare results against expectations. Achievement and accountability are considered the individual and collective responsibility of every employee. Innovation and improvement are key indicators of our success.


Our Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees, and is available to other stakeholders upon request. Reporting of environmental concerns to management is strongly encouraged, and managers are expected to take prompt action in responding to environmental concerns.