About Us

LifeScan is committed to improving the quality of life for people with diabetes. That is why we offer a range of blood glucose monitoring products and Customer Care services to meet these different needs more closely.

In the Middle East and Africa many thousands of people with diabetes depend on OneTouch® products for simple testing and accurate results. OneTouch® products are very easy to use, reliable and accurate, making life easier when it comes to blood glucose monitoring.

When you purchase any OneTouch meter we want you to be satisfied and happy using it. Our dedicated Customer Care team is only a phone call away and will provide guidance and support by answering any questions you have about the use of your meter. If you are considering buying a OneTouch meter then they can also advise you on how to choose the right meter for you.

Experienced and understanding customer care representatives are available. Simply contact us. If you prefer, you can contact us by e-mail on service@LifeScanMEA.com.

LifeScan MEA works together with over 2,500 other LifeScan employees throughout the world. Our worldwide headquarters are located in Milpitas, California. LifeScan has been part of the global Johnson & Johnson family of companies since 1986. Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest healthcare companies worldwide, supplying a broad range of healthcare products including baby products, consumer toiletries, contact lenses, over the counter and prescription medicines, surgical devices, dressings, diagnostic products and diabetes monitoring products. LifeScan employees are guided by the Johnson & Johnson Credo, a statement of values which reinforces LifeScan's commitment to its customers, their families and the highest quality standards.